What is Open Floor

Move your body. Notice. Stay present.
Move through life, fully embodied.

Open Floor movement practice is mindfulness in motion
We bring our attention to our bodies over and over again, fully experiencing each moment as we move, breathe, and dance. With great music…and a teacher to guide us through it.

Humans have gathered to dance since the beginning of time.
Scientific research shows that dance can have a profound impact on our lives; improving physical performance, mental health, and emotional well-being.

People who have a regular embodiment practice are more flexible and coordinated, have clearer minds and a calm presence. When we move with others, we feel more connected to people and the world around us. Relationships, compassion, and communities grow. In this challenging world, common sense tells us to spend time dancing.

Life is just better when we dance.

This website is funded by a collective of Open Floor Teachers and Therapy in Motion practitioners. Open Floor International is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status focused on teaching embodied movement practice for personal healing, professional  growth and community building.

Learn more about Open Floor & see all our Open Floor teachers and Therapy in Motion practitioners on www.openfloor.org