Following Cycles III

A four-week-long online journey dedicated to the exploration of the Open Floor Movement Cycle, joining the the Moon on its monthly tour through its phases.

We constantly move between two ends of thousands of spectrums.
We inhale and exhale.
We are awake and asleep.
We are at home, and then somewhere else.
We move closer and we move further.
We reach out and then let go.
We feel good and we feel bad.
We are alive and we are dead.
And we follow cycles because the path on the way back is always different from the one on the way there. Even if it’s only a breath, the person who exhales is already different than the one who has just inhaled.

The Moon orbits the Earth, the Earth orbits the Sun, our Solar System orbits the center of our galaxy. Celestial objects, living cells, drops of water, atoms: all are round. Cycles are everywhere in nature, they are universal, and that’s why they are also part of the Open Floor Movement Practice. Our dances and life unfolding in a fractal of cycles – some shorter than a moment, others starting even before our own birth…

Join us to have a look at your life through moving your body, and see what circles you are bored of, which ones you are looking forward to go along again, and which ones you have no ideas about (yet)!


Over the course of 4 weeks, we will commit to the Moon, following its 4 phases, as well as committing to the journey with the group. It’s only possible to join at the beginning, and please try to come to all 4 occasions. Eeva Kallis will be accompanying us, too. We’ll gather online through Zoom.

Tuesdays at 19:00–21:30 CET


1) New Moon – Open Attention | 13. Apr.
2) First Quarter – Enter | 20. Apr.
3) Full Moon – Explore | 27. Apr.
4) Third Quarter – Settle | 04. May


• € 100 / € 80 / € 60 (supportive / regular / reduced prices)
(If you can’t afford this, let me know!)
• Bence Gaspar | DE35430609677032664700 | BIC: GENODEM1GLS


Please send an email to
You will receive the Zoom link + details in a response email.

© Image by Matthias Hauser


Apr 13 2021


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


€ 100 / € 80 / € 60 (supportive / regular / reduced prices)

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